Celebs in Denim: Katie Holmes in 7 for All Mankind

The denim diva of 2008 herself, Katie Holmes, was spotted on December 30th with Suri in New York City. Katie was wearing a pair of 7 for All Mankind Bell Bottom jeans – I’ve yet to see this wash online, can anyone track them down? What do you think of Katie’s bell bottoms?

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  1. i wonder what type of jeans that she hasn’t tried lately. denim hotpants, anyone? btw, when will her denim collection be coming out? her best friend Victoria Beckham’s denim were not sold well, and i wonder if Katie has learned a lesson from her?

  2. Actually, I will admit I devoted about 20 minutes of my morning trying to id them too. But I didn’t want to post because I couldn’t find them either! I can’t explain what’s so fun about it either, haha.

  3. I flipping LOOOOOVE bell bottoms. They are OH SO MEGA rad! Thank you Ms. Holmes! Nice to see them on the radar again.

  4. its going to be interesting to see if she starts her own line or whatnot. she will probably move a lot slower after seeing all the DVB drama

  5. They aren’t Current Elliot Elephant Bells, her back pockets have the SFAM sig stitching on them….

  6. Yes we are sure they are SFAM – in the full sized image you can really see the 7FAM squiggle on the back of them. I am wondering if Katie did her own distressing – I have a feeling with her denim line coming out, she is trying some techniques on her own jeans.

  7. Yes 2nd picture you can clearly see the SFAM squiggle. I think Katie is enjoying the perks of being a celebrity and was given those bell bottoms earlier than the rest of us have the opportunity to buy them.

  8. I’ve never seen seven’s with so much ripping on them before! Yeah they must be either not out yet or she did something to them herself. 🙂

  9. they are 7FAM bell bottom jeans in california vintage…and not yet released for public purchase:) sorry to say. love ’em though!!

  10. Anyone know when these will be released? LOOOVE them. so cute. The Vintage California color is great too- so versatile & flattering.

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