Celebs in Denim: Kate Beckinsale in Current/Elliott

Kate Beckinsale was spotted out getting a pedicure with her daughter in a pair of 1968 Skinny Slouch – last time she wore this brand, we spotted her in this pair of skinnies but they weren’t rolled up boyfriend style. I wonder how much Current/Elliott has spent on gifting to celebs, or do you suppose they all just went out and bought the brand themselves? Hmm. Is it a coincidence that every top celeb is wearing them?

Hey, aren’t you supposed to discard those temporary flip flops and the cotton between your toes before you leave the salon? Quelle faux pas!

images from Celebutopia.net


  1. Jessie, do you speak french? I ask because I’m a frenchie and noticed the very last sentence of your post lol.

  2. Douchebaggery, I speak very little, My hubby is a brit and he has taught me a thing or two. Actually Liane added that through editing. *note she’s real hot and knows french! What are the odds?

    Stacey I would actually beg to differ. See we work with the denim companies and a lot of them tell us that they’ve gifted and to whom. For instance off the top of my head, check the members only post. The designer there, Kelli Delaney, she said they gifted. And I know FOR FACT Current/Elliott gifted Katie Holmes! I got connections……:)

  3. regarding freebie given to celebs, i know Superfine jeans designers give their jeans to Kate Moss. and it’s not only a pair, it’s a whole collection!

  4. I did 3 years of French in high school and have forgotten most of it – that’s about the extent of it!

    And yeah, maybe they didn’t gift everybody, but I bet they did a lot of gifting as a new startup brand. Never have I seen so many celebs in the exact same pair of jeans before. It’s just too coincidental to me…but they aren’t stupid… their marketing strategy has worked, the jeans sell like hotcakes!

  5. We are lucky enough to talk to alot of the big denim companies. Unfort for me I haven’t worked for a big company Wah wah wah wahahahahahahah

  6. Anne,
    I’m gonna cut to it. Your wrong, they are Current/Elliott. They are trying to sell something. They don’t even look remotely similar. Like at all.

    The rips are in the incorrect spots. Degaine’s does not have the rip on the thigh on the top right. Celebritystyleguide is wrong here. You may pass it on to them though if you like. Some other websites are known for saying stuff is one thing when really it is something completely different because of green, cheddar, coin, cash.

    CSG says a lot of scarves on celebs are tolani and lovequotes and that’s not always so either.

    Check Degaine’s boyfriend and then check Current/Elliotts. You may email Current/Elliott the pictures if you like to confirm.