Celebs in Denim: Jessica Szohr in Pratts

I love Gossip Girl. Here’s actress Jessica Szohr wearing Pratt’s Oil Spill Norton Motocross jean. Gossip girl, how about some continuation though… Jessica Szohr’s character, Vanessa Abrams is from a middle-class family and she works at a coffee shop in Brooklyn. How the heck does she afford $200 jeans? Vanessa isn’t famous like Serena van der Woodsen, so she certainly hasn’t been gifted those pimp @$$ jeans. 😉

Thanks to Le Smoking for IDing Jessica’s jeans, even the experts can be wrong now and then!


  1. Jessie: English isn’t my 1st language so could you plz explain to me more. so we readers can’t post any web link? what about if we want to share denim pics? so we need to send you pics via email?