Celebs in Denim: Helena Bonham-Carter in Reconstructed Levi’s

I love Helena Bonham-Carter, fianc├® of Tim Burton. Her fashion taste is eccentric and eclectic. Likewise, are her movie roles. She is Bellatrix Lestrange, the voice of the corpse bride, and coming next, she will be The Red Witch in the newest Alice in Wonderland. Sadly, it’s not set to open until March 2010. I’m so excited! That was my favorite childhood movie!

Anyway, back to the dish, here is Helena with her chubby little baby, Nell, in her reconstructed and embellished Levi’s. (This was my full-time job before blogging on designer denim!) Very cool Helena!

images via celebutopia.net


  1. Heh heh, Marc You and I thought the same thing. I so thought those shoes were old school. But figure, she’s really short, like 5’3…. hey wait…. maybe not that short…. I am like 5’5.75 and like… I feel short (Next to Liane’s long lean skinny @$$, lol)