Celebs in Denim: Heidi Montag in 7 for all Mankind

Here we have Heidi Montag, Spencer Pratt, celeb blogger Perez Hilton and Kim Kardashian. Heidi is wearing 7 for All Mankind jeans. The group of celebs …er…attention whores congregated at Millions of Milkshakes in L.A. recently (obviously a paid appearance). Look at how Spencer seeks out the camera with his eyes… everytime I see Spiedi, my brain just screams “get a room you two!” Jeeeez.

And I have to comment on Perez’s outfit… Oh my dear, dear boy…please burn those yellow jeans, its for your own good. Let momma DenimBlog send you something more respectable, please… I thought gay men were supposed to be have style genes in their DNA?


  1. Ha Perez is why I first pulled these images in the first place, LOL. Then I was like I know Heidi’s score. *Kisses* for pickin’ up my slack Mama Denim!
    Being that Pretzel has under gone this diet/makeover thing, I thought he’d of at least wore those jeans with a green with yellow striped shirt & make it work! (I Love Tim Gunn)

  2. The boy (Perez) usually has pink hair, so I can deal with the yellow jeans. I think it’s pretty understated for him, who usually dresses much more over the top than this. he doesn’t strike me as a typical blue jean kind of guy.

  3. Kim, Kourt, Khlo Kardash + Speidi are actually VERY MEGA Chummy with Perez. Start paying attention to his posts on them. He calls them out on publicity whores BUT never says anything characteristically bad about them. Paris too!
    Now go read his posts about them all and you can even tell when they became friends LOL!!!

    I actually get responses back and forth on celebrity talk from Perez. Especially at 4-6am (cuz I’m weird and awake then) But as soon as you send him a link even in general convo that pertains to a blog you write for he won’t respond back.
    When I was working at Coolspotters.com (blog coming soon BTW), I wrote him regarding gossip and tsk tsk’s often. He would chat minimally if he was busy. If he can earn money though, he doesn’t respond. Especially if it’s something you would pay money for advertising. He does NOT give away money. He is so business savvy. Clever boy really!

    I would love to reach his level. I’ve always wanted to reach some level of fame. Not to say I’m a fame whore (me=liar ha, ha)
    I’d love to have my own denim line, JessieJeans YEAH!!

    PS. JESSIE LOVES PINK HAIR!!! (Clearly the truth, I talked about myself in 3rd person) I THINK BLUE IS COMING SOON! But you can have pink hair and still coordinate y’all. For goodness sake I lurve LIME GREEN jeans!! But I never wore red while I had pink hair. That is a total NO NO!!!

  4. The douchiest couple in Hollywood, the highly-annoying Perez Hilton, and the biggest fame ‘ho all in one picture. Armageddon is upon us.