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  1. by Dane Youssef

    Wow. I notice no one else here has made any comments for this one. So I just want to say I’m proud to be the first one out of the gate.

    I can honestly tell you… anyone with any amount of taste at all, any thought process at all… and any knowledge of film and cinema today…

    …would have to agree that Christina Ricci is known as one of Hollywood’s finest. And with good reason. She’s dark and deep. Very.

    She’s always seemed like a precocious little girl. Ever so slightly gothic and foreboding. Haunted, even. Like one of the Children of the Corn.

    Seeing as she’s a huge celebrity, a household name and immensely respected for her dark, moody and possessed characters, I personally want to know what she’s like off-camera. Her personal life and all that.

    And I know it’s not just me….

    But I guess past the job and idol status, every single star is a person. And all are entitled to privacy.

    But still… I’ve always wanted to know… who is the real Christina Ricci?

    As for this pic, I honestly have to ask. What’s it all about?

    This picture? This site? All this?

    They’re not even making it clear what brand of jeans she’s promoting. What is this site all about, exactly? Name starlets in name-brand jeans?

    Will the fans and public surfin’ the net be happy to know that Ms. Ricci gets pedicures just like the rest of them? Like most of the women in the country?

    Like all of the women of Hollywood? They’re not just “perfect.” It’s work, like everything else.

    But I guess there are plenty of femme-fans out there on the world wide web who want to see the women of Hollywood doing things they themselves are into. They have to relate to the celeb. Identify. Shopping for shoes, clothes and jewelry. Drinking hard. Dancing to music. And of course–getting beautified at a local salon.

    From what I understand, the actual process of a pedicure is rather grotesque, but the end result is cleansing.

    And beautifying.

    And she’s in designer jeans. Is this like a modeling picture or something?

    Is this an ad? For what?

    The pants?

    The salon?

    Christina herself?

    From what I’ve gathered mostly, this is a site for Hollywood’s most glamorous vixens in designer jeans. Fine, fair enough. I mean, a site for starlets in jeans.

    This is supposed to be hot? Not really all that dishy, but…

    I think there needs to be a little more on here. Some more substance. Some more in-depth. Some more… well, something. One pic that looks like it was taken with a cell phone of Christi getting her nails done just isn’t enough.

    by Dane Youssef

  2. Thank you for your huge comment 🙂 This site is dedicated to premium denim lovers, believe it or not it’s a huge market an the readers love this website, it’s all about the denim. It’s not supposed to be a website for celeb gossip and tabloid rumours etc, it’s about denim. Not always celebs in denim, new brands, new jeans styles, everything. You should try reading from todays posts, the new ones are always on the front page 🙂

    This website really is for those people who know how to ID all of the jeans, people like to see candid photos of what celebs are up to and what they are wearing. This site has been going for 2 years or so and getting stronger by the day so it’s a big market, denim is a huge part of life. If you want more celeb stuff you should probably read justjared or perezhilton or something a long those lines. All you will find here is a online magazine dedicated purely to denim so if denim isn’t an interest then you probably wont find it interesting 🙂 But this post here is not one of our best ones at all, I would consider the interviews, competitions and good celeb blogs to be top 🙂

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