Audrina Patridge for Divine Rights of Denim

Mamacita! Okay, I am a chick but I still can’t deny how unbelievably hot Audrina Patridge looks in her new campaign for Divine Rights of Denim. She even makes acid washed jeans look good!

Have you tried the brand yet? You can find it at Arden B. or at Dillard’s.


  1. She’s OK looking, overrated in my opinion. Those acid washed jeans still look ugly no matter what, even if she had her top off.

  2. I would have to agree! She makes the ad! And seriously, who cares if she is using a corded phone? The picture wouldn’t have the same effect with a cell phone/cordless phone.

  3. Man, I want a phone with a cord now. Ay yi yi….. taking me back to Britney on Rolling Stone but not as hot.

  4. Audrina has the cutiest jeans out. I love her style, she is a leader bc everyone else always wants to hold back, Audrina dresses so cute.