for the Perfect Fit Jean?

So I took the denim fit test today.

Here’s the lowdown: take a 3-Minute test based on how jeans (or bras or pants, including plus size) have fit you in the past, answer a few questions on what your ideal jean would look like on your body and describe your own shape…then, VOILA! The perfect fit! Does it work? It could. Let me know if you’ve purchased or worn their recommendations for you!

The site works well–offering results in many styles and price points, based on an individual woman’s body type. Given that we live in a world where beauty is all about being an individual, I liked the idea of customizing a jean to fit your needs and then collaborating it with the current trends.

Most of’s recommendations for jeans for my body were jeans that I’d never worn. But I’m definitely willing to give it a try. If you are one of the many women out there who are constantly struggling to find that perfect jean, may be for you.

Here were my recommendations for a long, lean, yet perky look on the bottom…and here’s who is wearing it now:


Goldsign High Waisted Jeans, as recently seen on Jessica Alba & Kelly Brook. They definitely look long and lean…I love this look!

Jessica Alba & Kelly Brook in Goldsign

You can purchase the “Luna” Trouser, a similar style from Goldsign, available at


Are you tired of these yet? I’m not. Certainly not if they make my butt look like Miss Simpson’s!

Jessica Simpson in True Religion Brand Bobby Jeans

You can get ’em at Revolve in a variety of washes or if you look hard, probably from one of the many eBay sellers recommended here (see our right hand sidebar for a list!)

P.S. Log on to yourself and tell us what your perfect jean is and if you think their recommendations are right for you.


  1. Its terrible, i tried it and it gave me really high rised flared legs which i hate lol, i only wear low rise skinny/straight jeans, high rise and flare doesnt suit me at all.

  2. recommended brands that didn’t make jeans in my size even though I was honest about height, weight, usual pants size, etc.. How’s that for useless?