Victoria Beckham: From Style Zero to Fashion Hero

One of my favorite sites to read is, and I loved their recent feature on Victoria Beckham entitled “From Style Zero to Fashion Hero” that I just had to share some excerpts of it with our readers. Long before Victoria was “Posh”, designing for Rock & Republic, and later, her dVb denim line, she struggled with her own fashion sense. Hey, fashion is all about risk-taking, right? These shots give me hope. Victoria truly did go from a zero to a hero in the fashion department – like the Madonna of the fashion world, constantly reinventing herself. As we know, she’s finally figured out her style long after these shots were taken! But have a laugh at how she got here.

It’s 1997 and Victoria is starting to show her own unique sense of style. See how she’s cleverly used a teddy bear hide to jazz up a simple velvet jacket.


Yabba dabba doooooo! Victoria rocks the Flintstones look circa 1999.

Two become one, much like underwear becomes outerwear, in this shot from 2000.

In the words of Jarvis Cocker: lets all meet up in the year 2000. Or perhaps not, if this is what you’re going to wear, Victoria. This leather bondage gear really does nothing for Posh’s image.

A year on and Victoria has become a fashion militant. See how she incites the crowd to do her bidding…

White teeth show up really well against an orange background…

Victoria attends a Monaco fashion event in 2005, wearing what appears to be a turquoise and green handkerchief by Roberto Cavalli.

Victoria disasterously tries to channel Janet and Michael Jackson. We love the blonde crop, though.

Back on stage in 2007 and, ye gods! It’s back to square one in the style stakes. ‘Fierce’ is the word we’d apply to this look, and not in an ‘America’s Next Top Model’ way.

Sporty spice didn’t forget her heels.

We’d like to say that Victoria was attending a Halloween party as the Bride of Dracula. But she wasn’t.



  1. She looks better with shorter hair styles. adding about 10 to 15 lbs to her frame wouldn’t hurt either.

  2. I don’t think it matters what she wears, she still looks like an alien. She said she was an ugly duckling in high school, well guess what! she still is.