Rock & Republic to Slash Prices in ’09

It is no surprise to anyone that the economy is in the slumperand many fashion lines are taking strong measures to protect their brand from a major fall in sales this season. Rock & Republic is no exception. The designer denim house that has become famous for their fashion week spectaculars and star studded events has not only opted, like many others, to shy away from a $1-$2mm Bryant Park event to a smaller store venue this year, but, they are also said to be lowering their price point on many items too.

The jeans, which can currently retail for close to even $350 sometimes, will now be dropped to a much sweeter $125 start. But with hundreds of dollars dropping off the price tag, I can not help but wonder, will the quality sacrifice? Sources say no! After all, this is true R&R stilldefinitely not a diffusion line.

Get ÔÇÿem while you can guys and gals. I have a feeling that with slashed prices, R&R’s will sell out fastÔǪ

I wonder what they will cost on the HonestMallI can hardly wait

Rock&Republic Jaguars Persuasion Theory Blue-$348
Rock&Republic Jaguars Persuasion Theory Blue-$348-a tough sell in this economy!


  1. This is really interesting 🙂 I like this although as for quality i can safely say R&R sucks in that department anyway, i know they have improved some over the months but in comparison to the quality of other brands like TR and Diesel etc they are not very good and rip easy.

  2. “Really interesting”? More like, super amazing! 😀 😀 😀 Time to start saving! I always thought R&R and TR were much lower quality than Diesel. But I don’t own any TR so what do I know.

  3. I love R&R but they can be prone to ripping. I will buy rocks if they are cheaper, but I prefer to buy TR because the quality is awesome.

  4. I first wore R&R when I found them at TJ Maxx cheap. Otherwise I refuse to pay $300+ for them. But if they go cheaper, I will buy more. I prefer the flap pocket styles.

  5. Maybe R&R was overpriced in the first place. There’s no real reason why it cost significantly more than other premium brands.

    Oh well, at least its cosmetics line is really good!

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