Celebs…errr…Olympians in Denim: Michael Phelps in Diesel

Dang it! Phelpsie you were almost hot! Keep working on it. And please take off your (pink!) shirt. You make those Diesel jeans look so good like that!

Images via wireimage.com


  1. Agree with Lorna. They look way too baggy. I don’t think his shirt/sweater combo is very flattering either. It’s probably the color of the shirt and the stripes on the sweater.

  2. Yeh i dont think its suited either, should be at least a pale blue colour or something, not bright pink lol.

  3. Oh. Oh? Oooh! I think I know NOW why I’m still ga-ga over Greatest of All Time despite all the warning signals. Dressed like that, he just so reminds of some of my ex-boyfriends. The pale skinny tall dark-haired freaky geeky almost cocky looking type. All of them were bullied as kids and later took their revenge by branding their hidden super talents. Including a strong enthusiasm in bed :)))) Blame it on my lousy taste and traumatized brain, I happen to like that ragged look of his. And the worse it gets (remember that disastrous jeans/flipflops combo?) the provocatively hotter it looks to me. I just can’t wait to see him suck at a sailor pipe while wearing that hat! Damn!