Gridlock Denim: Interchangable Back Pockets

Most of us who are obsessed with designer denim can spot a pair of jeans from a mile away simply based on the back pockets. They give a denim brand its identity – even J Brand who’s back pockets are very plain, are identifiable if you know what to look for.

Jessie did a post awhile back about an interchangeable back pocket kids jeans. Well now there is something similar for more grown up ladies from a new brand called Gridlock. Gridlock Denim believes the next big thing in denim is going to be the ability to change your back pockets. In addition to their full line of denim, the company offers an array of interchangeable pockets to zipper or snap onto one’s jeans. Each pair comes with two extra back pockets and they will run $180-$200 a pair. Also if you want additional back pockets, those will run you $17 to $20 each. Some of the designs include animal prints, chakra symbols and horoscope signs. This brand seems to break the “back pocket” mold of having brand identity. Do you think they will be a hit?

Will you try Gridlock denim?

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  1. I would but it really depends on the designs, more subtle ones yeh and if you can snap them on without the zips, as for the animal print ones and crazy chains etc no way, just to much.

  2. It’s kind of a cool idea, but a few years late I think. The crazy back pocket designs are way overdone and the market is moving toward a more subtle aesthetic.

  3. I’d say it depends on the design entirely too. I think flashy pocket designs can totally make a pair of jeans (VB crystal crowns, anyone?? :D) Although they can be a disaster as well. The more I look at it, the more awkward I think the double zipper on each pocket looks…

  4. Prayes- I agree! I think it looks awkward! And as for me, I don’t need added bulk in that region!

  5. Haha I know right?? It’s like.. hey, I couldn’t help to notice but are those 4 zippers on your butt?? 😛 And Lorna, I actually kind of like the chain/key/lock ones, they look interesting! I’d want to see how they look attached to jeans. But yeah the animals are a little too much.

  6. I am a denim fanatic….. i would definitely want a pair with a couple different back pocket designs to take on a trip and pack lite.. I love denim and think this is a brilliant idea!


  7. I gotta say all these make me think of (again) is lost socks.

    Plus, I can’t see that the pockets would ever be completely right either. Maybe in the beginning. But as a seamstress, I find short/small zippers in regions that stretch break well easy.

    Cool idea though…. better than velcro.

  8. This is HOT!!! Great idea! Can’t wait to see all the designs they come up with for the pockets….love it, you get to choose when you want to wear something plain and when you want to wear something a little more fun, and all you have to do is pay another $20 bucks or whatever instead of buying new jeans….i’m in!! Possibilities are endless….Fit looks incredibly SEXY too!!!

  9. I’m not into this idea. I hate to admit it, but part of buying designer denim is for that brand recognition! Plus, I probably wouldn’t bother to change the pockets all the time, it’s just too finicky.

  10. I am interested to see how this line fits… I heard about the kids line, however it’s like comparing Disneyland to Diesel…

    I love the name and my closet can definitely use a pair of these…


  11. I think this could be the hottest thing to come out of the market for a long time. I think these back pockets are a great idea and wouldn’t be the least bit surprised seeing people wearing these on the streets in no time!


  12. Gridlock Denim ROCKS!! It is the very new line of A-list denim. Step back R&R,… Gridlock is here to do some major damage… (positive damage, of course).

    Golnesa G.

  13. I think these jeans are the next big denim brand!

    I think Marc is a hater and just has nothing to say but negative things for a unique line…

    can’t wait till this line blows up in his face, then let’s see what he has to say…lol.


  14. pretty cool jeans.. where are they selling? i would have to try them on to see, but i like the concept of the pockets. how many pockets come with the line?


  15. I heard about these jeans from a friend.. nice to finally see them on this site! I would get the horoscope sign of me and my guy! rock them on each butt.

    Good stuff…


  16. I am a big fan of Diesel,Miss Sixty,J&Co, but these are the new edition to my line-up..

    Far from Disgusting.. we;re not eating food here.. lol..

    Lynnda Rocks

  17. I want a pair of gridlock for my trip to vegas!!!!!
    all i have to do is pack tight with a couple different pockets and i’m set!

    gRidLock ROcks LA!

  18. Oh wow, I didn’t even realize this until Heather’s comment, and I guess I didn’t look at the last pic carefully, but to have two different designs on each pocket?? that is crazy 😛

  19. oh wow guys! 24 comments thats awesome im so happy to see the Blog growing everyday, keep them coming! 😀

  20. First, I think the designer is a very wise to come up with a concept like this. I’m tired of paying over $200 for the same Designer jeans with a different pocket, color or design on it’s pocket.

    Secondly, for those negative comments.. It’s pretty difficult to know whether you love a jean or not until you’ve tried them on!Right?

    I can’t wait until there out in stores..
    Good luck GRIDLOCK DENIM!

  21. Very innovative! I would definitely invest in a pair and purchase additional pockets. If you can’t find your socks, check the filter in your dryers people! I think its a great idea! Go Gridlock!

  22. Yay Denim Rocker, I am with you!! When I go back to Tokyo next time, I will show them off to my friends, and I know they will want me to buy one for them!

  23. I live in denim…was just at coterie NY…stumbled upon Gridlock!!!!! Finally a brand I can nicely fit into with amazing detail. The pockets def rock NY, I love their removable pockets, I can match it up with my leather handbags and jewelry.

  24. US Patent 6,397,398 issued June 4, 2002 to Denise Herder.

    A removable storage pocket is securable to the surface of an object. The pocket includes a front panel and a rear panel secured to one another around the margins thereof to form a pocket. The pocket is secured to the object using a mating fastener having first and second removably mating elements. Optionally, the fastener is a hook and pile fastener. A first element of said mating fastener is secured to the rear surface of the rear panel around a portion of the margin thereof. Optionally, the first fastener element surrounds less than all the margin of the rear panel. A second element of said mating fastener is removably adhered to the surface of said object using adhesive having a bonding strength greater than the force required to disengage the mating fastener. The second mating fastener element is positioned on the object surface in a shape substantially congruent to the configuration of the first element on the rear panel such that when the mating fastener elements are engaged, the pocket formed by the cooperating panels is removably secured to the object.

  25. Hey, does anybody happen to know where I can get a copy of their landscape-style bus and billboard ad? The one with the gorgeous girl lying on the railroad track? I can’t find it anywhere, but I would like a clear copy of it.


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