Dior Homme – Kris Van Assche vs. Hedi Slimane

As the menswear division of Christian Dior, Dior Homme has been a staple in not only fashionable men’s clothing for years now, but is also a leader in the garment industry for artistic design and styling predictions each season. Marked by the house’s many favorite trademarks, such as the pleat and the traditional European slim cut that has made Dior Homme famous, the French Fashion House has gone from being revolutionized by Hedi Slimane beginning in 2001 to now being crafted with a fresh twist from young designer Kris Van Assche.

If you’re a Dior Homme die hard, or ever if you are only just becoming a fan, and you haven’t yet traveled into our HonestForum to read the thread that is solely dedicated the brand’s denim wear, I highly recommendÔÇöit’s a must. The sizing, the styling and all authenticity questions are addressed there dailyÔǪand in depth. Check it out here.

Since 2008, Kris Van Assche has been turning the tables away from Hedi Slimane famed (and much loved) runway march, leaving, what some called, humility, in the dust of Dior Homme’s line. Although the denim of the line still keeps with Dior’s iconic back pocket scar mark, as well as the cotton’s gauge in most cases, there were new splashes of wax, wash and burnsÔÇötreatmentsÔÇöto be seen. Here are some of the styles (both classic and new) that you may be lusting after, from Van Assche, available in the USA at eLuxury – prices ranging from $455 to $620.

Bedrock 19cm Jean, Brut Jean 21cm, Thunderstorm Jean 19cm-photo credit eluxury.com
Bedrock 19cm Jean, Brut Jean 21cm, Thunderstorm Jean 19cm-photo credit eluxury.com

And how do you wear your Dior Homme denim? Do you lean toward that Slimane aestheticÔǪtapping into that tough, rock look? A Tee, a combat boot, a simple belt? Or, are you looking into the future? Van Assche’s Spring/Summer 2009 show tells us that the new Dior Homme expects brighter things (literally!) Personally, I’m not so sure about the gold tonesÔǪbut, I could get used to seeing something other than black and white. What’s your take? Do you like the change from Slimane to Van Assche? Some people aren’t so sure…here’s an abbreviated peak at the show:

Video Courtesy of Paris Modes Productions


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