Chloe Bell Bottoms…by Siwy…?

Check out for the Chloe's on sale now!
Check out for the Chloe

I recently read an article from the Cut about Michelle Siwy’s “Chloe Wave” 24 inch-opening Seventies-Inspired JeansÔǪand not only NY Magazine, but apparently a few other sources are citing that the Bell Bottom is about to be all the rage once again, as well. And although the Chloe wave is pretty much on sale everywhere you look (check them out now at ShopBop), and is not featured in the Siwy Spring/Summer ’09 look book (check that out here!)ÔǪmy inquiring mind wants to knowÔǪcould it be true??

If you haven’t seen the Chloe Waves, let’s just say that I’m not talking about a simple flare or just an oversize boot cut. I’m talking about full-on Farrah Fawcett Swinging Bell Bottom. Yep, BellsÔǪlike we haven’t seen ÔÇÿem since Forrest was chasing Jenny off a roof.

So, since I haven’t seen a Rachel or a Sienna running around in the Siwy Bells (o any Bells for that matter!), my guess is that maybe Michelle is redesigning the less than exciting Wavy Cut Chloe with inlaid panels for a Fall 2009 lookÔǪsomething that might make us stop saying skinny?

What’s your take? Are you ready for something with a little more flare? Check out the Siwy look below:


  1. of all the fashion forecast i’ve read in the past, nothing has come to real life. just because a few ppl or fashion industry ppl endorse the it trend, that doesn’t mean they’re popular among the mass. skinny jeans are saturated in the market, and customers are satisfied with them and stop to buy a new pair. if the denim companies don’t hype about new styel of jeans, how come the customers will fork out to buy a new ones?

  2. high waist jeans and wide leg jeans were predicted to replace skinny jeans a long time ago, but do they have staying power like skinny jeans? they’re a flash in the pan including boyfriend jeans, imho.

  3. Nearly every jean company has offered “superflare” or “extreme flare” jean models over the past few years so this just seems to be a continuation of the same trend. (Although perhaps labeling them “bell bottom” might be something new.) Skinny jeans are the jean style of the moment because they look awesome tucked into winter’s Uggs and tall boots. But come spring, the bell bottom explosion is coming!