Celebs (kid) in Denim: Sean Preston in True Religion

Collectively now! Awwwww… Look at Seany in his True Religion kids jeans. The picture of Lynn Spears and Sean Preston on the iconic piano from the movie ‘Big’ is sooo sweet. Britney has gorgeous kids. Speaking of my Brit Brit, I bought the album. It’s fab.

Did you get your concert tickets yet? (I’m working my husband up for some!)

images via celebuzz.com


  1. Honestly, I could care less. Britney gives an amazing performance. The best concerts I’ve been to have not been the best singers but the best entertainers. Britney falls into the group, which contains, Alice Cooper, My Chemical Romance, Savage Garden, and Mad Caddies.

    Actually Mad Caddies can wail & are PIMP!!!! So I detract…… Point is, the value I place on a fabulous show is how well I am entertained. I love Serj Tankian (of System of a Down), but you know, he’s not exactly a show stopper, regardless of how gorgeous his voice is. True. He is boring.
    Speaking of fabulous shows, let me not forget Kings of Leon… they put on a ferocious show. The ultimate!

    Brit Brit’s show will be killer because WADE ROBSON is directing it. Think Slave….. Hot…. And wait OH YEAH MS.BRITNEY SPEARS WILL BE THERE!

    I don’t care if she lipsynch’s aka mimes. I want a performance. I’ll get it NO doubt. It’s not my normal genre but I love Britters, I adore Broadway and I WILL get is a performance.

    Nuff said.

  2. Well thats fair enough if you dont mind miming, i do though, it really bugs me when they are famous for singing but they dont sing, i would sing all of my concerts/shows live if i became famous for singing, plus i hate the fact in all of her songs she has brought out since last year she edits her voice completely so you can’t even hear her voice just the auto tuning and voice distorting machines, if she does that all the time and doesnt sing live i can only assume she can’t sing anymore and thats a shame but fair enough if you love her.

  3. this band’s best song is probably toxicity. I found they previously were in a different band named soil which most people dont know. Thats when Tankian, Odadjian, and Malakian formed system of a down but was first called victims of a down… I dunno why though. Their roulette song isnt about playing roulette at all which is a bit disappointing because I’m a huge fan of roulette. still though it’s a very chilly song in contrast to toxicity. although I really like both songs.