Celebs in Denim: Zac Efron in Diesel Thanaz again

Actor Zac Efron was snapped filling up his car wearing his Diesel Thanaz 73J again. Maybe he’s going to wear the heck out of this pair like he did his 8DK? They look great on him anyway! He wears Thanaz well, even when he just looks casual, he is stylish. Although I’ve not seen him in his raw Nudies lately, I wonder how they are coming along.

Images courtesy of zac-e.com


  1. I just bought my 8 year old her first Zac Efron poster yesterday. Then we told her that Vanessa Hudgens is his real life girlfriend. She was crushed. Poor Baby.

  2. Ha awwh 🙂 Yeah i used to have the biggest crush on him ever but now i just think they make a great couple 🙂

  3. I have such a crush on him so he can look good in any pair of jeans but he looks best in those Diesel’s.

    I should get my husband to buy a pair of those for Christmas since he already bought me a gorgeous diamond necklace as an early X-mas present. He will look as cute as Zac Efron with these on, all he’s missing is a pair of converse!

    Hopefully Zac will break up with Vanessa someday!

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