Celebs in Denim: Zac Efron in Diesel Thanaz 8LP

Disney star Zac Efron was snapped at Robek Juice in LA wearing his Diesel Thanaz 8LP jeans. These are a nice change from his 8DK and 73J washes. I wonder if he wears any other Diesel cuts though? As for his shirt/jacket, I can’t say i like it too much. I normally love his style but I can’t get round this one.

I found this photo funny, did he lose his invisible horse? He he. Why do men stand like that sometimes? Weird!

Images courtesy of celebutopia.net


  1. Zac Efron is ALWAYS on here. And he’s ALWAYS wearing Diesel Thanaz Don’t any other guys wear denim that can be posted?

  2. I think Lorna hearts Zac. And he’s hot right now. Yeah he’s always in Diesel or Nudies. We’d love to have more male celebs on here – just spotting their denim can be tough!

  3. Lol i used to but not so much anymore, its just its very very hard to find male celebs wearing jeans i know the brand of and when im stuck for blogs i know i will find Zac wearing denim we all know i do try and look for others but its mainly women who wear the premium denim.

  4. wow that is really uncanny. i clicked to leave a comment just so that i could say what denim lover 03 said. way too many zac in diesels on this blog, IMO 🙁

  5. No problem il quit the Zac ones but i think there will end up being next to no males in the blog lol since we only do denim its not as popular for male celebs but if you guys find any recent pics of male celebs in premium denim let me know and il blog them 🙂

  6. yea, we could use some help spotting more men in diesels and other brands.

    isn’t there a post in the diesel section with celebs? if not there should be.