Celebs in Denim: Vanessa Hudgens in Ecko Red

I don’t know where I’ve been on this one, but I just found out Vanessa Hudgens is partnered with Ecko Red, which explains why she was caught by the paparazzi on set of the new commercial she is filming for the brand. Perhaps I didn’t know of her connection with Ecko since she’s been the Diesel jeans and J Brand jeans postergirl lately! I’ve never seen her in Ecko besides in these shots.

Is Ecko Red or Marc Ecko hot where you live? I’ll admit that I’ve never paid much attention to either until a Marc Ecko store popped up in my local mall. Both lines are a little too flashy and ghetto fabulous for my taste – what do you think? Here’s Vanessa in her Ecko Red denim shorts and denim top, with shoes and socks that totally don’t match the outfit. Hmm…