Celebs in Denim: Vanessa Hudgens in Diesel Matic 63F Exclusive!

Yep I never knew these existed! But here is Vanessa Hudgens out shopping in Diesel Matic 63F jeans. They must be brand new this season as I’ve never seen them before and they aren’t even online yet! So here as some exclusive pictures of Matic 63F, they look really hot! She and Zac Efron like to get the similar washes since he has Thanaz 73J. Unfortunately I can’t link you to any online sites to buy these as they are not online yet, but I’m keeping my eye out and will keep all you Diesel fans updated. Hopefully there will be some photos of the back of her in them sometime soon! I was hoping they would bring out 73J matic, I might just have to put these on my wishlist. Ive updated the blog since i found out they are 63F which are now online, they look pretty much the same as 73J though so here they are.

Images courtesy of vanessa-hudgens.com

Also thanks to w0wieet for finding these jeans.


  1. ooo the distress on those are done really well.

    ps. planet blue is a great store, for those of you in california!

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