Celebs in Denim: Pete Wentz in Some Funky Tie Dyed Denim

Pete Wentz was once our Diesel posterboy, a position that now Zac Efron has taken over. Pete is also one of the first dudes I’ve seen in denim this funky…although, from what we’ve seen, tied dyed type denim is going to be big in 2009. So maybe its not terribly surprising to see him in these since he was also one of the first guys to wear GIRLS skinny jeans too! If anyone knows the maker of the jeans, hit us up!

images via celebutopia.net


  1. When it comes to men wearing skinny jeans, how come I haven’t seen Lil’Wayne on this site yet lol.

  2. Ooooohhh Douchebaggery you are so on point!

    Lil Wayne does love him some skinny jeans. I think Lil Wayne and Pharrell have changed the face off hip hop fashion. It was a change needed for a while. Much better looking than Soldier Boy (Tell Ems) look! That look is tired.