Celebs in Denim: Nicole Richie in Stella McCartney

Nicole Richie slam dunks this look! I absolutely adore her Stella McCartney denim military jacket! Girl, you are out of control and I like it! A LOT! Will some one PLEASE get this jacket in the HonestMall for me? I need it, and its from a few seasons ago and I can’t find it online anywhere! Aggggh!

images via celebutopia.net


  1. Does celebrity style guide HAVE IT?? They didn’t sell it here in the stores. I love Stella McCartney. And for the record, I know those M buttons, from a mile away. You can’t get those buttons passed me!

  2. Hot jacket! I love the military style and it’s just tight enough to look sexy, but not overly tight. Gotta admit that Nicole does have killer style now, but please girl, put some pants on!