Celebs in Denim: Britney Spears in True Religion again…

Boy, this girl doesn’t get tired of her True Religion jeans easily does she?! Speaking of Britney Spears, did anyone else catch her performance on the X factor Saturday night? I thought it was nothing special, she came out and lip synched the show whilst the contestants actually sang her songs live, and danced around the stage in an outfit that shows half her bum. I can only think she’s following Madonna on this one! She didn’t really say much either, I’m not to sure whats going on with Britney anymore. Props to Miley Cyrus who sang live on the show! Anyway, here she is looking cheerful leaving the Plazze Hotel in Paris.

Anyone see the resemblance? Here’s an outfit she wore at the Bambi award show exactly like she wore for the X factor show.

Photos courtesy of celebutopia.net and wireimage.com


  1. She has NOT had loads of surgery her stomach doesn’t look like Mariah’s that is an obvious tummy-tuck plus she didn’t spend NEEEEAR enough time out of the spotlight for that kind of surgery.

    Girl looks fabulous.

  2. She has, i read it today that shes had surgey shes had lipo suction and shes had chemical peels in the last few months, she spent £15000 on it all, shes had lots of stuff on her face too to remove acne and everything, im just going by what i read in the magazine and she said she hates her body so she is doing what she can to get it back.

  3. I didnt mean major surgerys which require ages to recover i meant the lipo and cosmetic stuff on her face 🙂

  4. LOL, I know she’s had her face peeled to get rid of acne scars but that’s not surgery. And how exactly would she spend ┬ú15,000 on surgery that her daddy has to approve. Not buying it. BS. Home girl looks good. She seems coherent and ‘Circus’ is banging! I’m jamming it right now!

  5. She admitted to having the lipo though, you can have that whilst you’re awake so you dont really need huge recovery process for that 🙂 I think shes looking good i just dont think shes ever gonna make a proper come back, she doesnt preform live anymore, all her songs have her voice edited so we cant hear her properly etc, she used to be one of my biggest idols i loved her to bits i even had a video of her lol but now i dont really like her that much anymore.

  6. Funny, I am the opposite,I was not a Brit fan until she got pregnant. I’ve actually been in a eerily similar situation and turned it all around….
    Obviously, I’m not a pop star & I had the luxury of not playing it all out in front of the world. LOL

    But really all the British mags are full of garbage. I was dying while we were there 3 weeks ago. There are so many blatant lies about EVERYONE. LOL, Actually my friend, Ben, flies into tomorrow. He actually brings me magazines so we can laugh at how exaggerated they are.

  7. No talent whatsoever! I’m glad that she has gotten out of her rut personally, but as for her career, I’m not quite so sure why she still has one. She only looks good on this post, because this is after a show where someone made her up. Most of the pics we see on here, she does her own makeup and looks like trash..

  8. Yup her career is pretty much dead to me now i personally think she should fade out slowly and be remembered as the old Britney not carry on destroying her career.

  9. Brit Brit has now sold 504,507 copies of Circus and made it to the top of the U.S. album charts!

    So much for a pretty much dead career! Go Brit!