Celebs in Denim at the NBA basketball game

Update: Keen reader Sarah provided the link showing David’s back pockets! Thanks Sarah!

So it looks like this is a great place to find lots of celebs! Check out these shots from this past weekend’s NBA basketball game. Here are a few pictures of Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens. Zac is of course wearing Diesel Thanaz 8DK (as usual) and I have to admit looking very stylish. Leonardo Dicaprio in jeans along with David Beckham and David Arquette also in denim! 10 Points to those who can guess their jeans 🙂

Images courtesy of celebutopia.net, Zac-E.com & justjared.com


  1. hm. that’s not a lot to work with to id those. thanks lorna 😛 i will be impressed if anyone can guess them too. lol.

    just wait until the nba playoffs – there are always tons and tons of celebs there!

  2. Why would you wear all black to a Lakers game? In all honesty–Beckham probably looks the best in these pics.

  3. I always see celebs at the Laker games…but agree with Prayes, there is always a ton more come playoff time. Becks always looks that HOT when he’s at the games!!!

  4. Yeah they look like rock stars wearing black like that 🙂 I think it’s usually the same celebs at Laker’s games. Jack Nicholson, Leo Dicap, Denzel Washington, Andy Garcia, some more I can’t recall. Keep up the good posts!

  5. I dig Arquette’s jacket…got one kinda similar to it recently 🙂 Effron’s looking decent too and Leo rarely ever dresses up unless he’s at a premier, so I’m not surprised by his outfit.