Celebs in Denim: Amy Winehouse in 7 for all Mankind

Amy Winehouse was spotted enjoying her tropical vacation in Saint Lucia. I’m really are thrilled to see her looking healthier and even more thrilled to see her wearing some CLEAN designer denim shorts! What do you think of Amy in her Sevens?

images via BauerGriffinonline.com


  1. Apparently she is not a fan of using the zipper nor button on her shorts, hehe 🙂 A lot of musicians and artists are not exactly life inspirations, even if they produce amazing work. It’s no so uncommon…

  2. I know ^^ but she was voted more of a role model over Princess Diana which i think is terrible, Princess Diana was much more of a lady and respectable person than she could ever be 🙁

  3. A role model? For who, meth addicts?

    I’ve always liked Amy Winehouse’s music despite her er, problems, and this is the best she has looked in a loooong time.