Are you into Ankle Zippers?

A couple of months back (October to be exact) I bought a pair of J Brand’s “The Deal” jeans …you know, the ones with the side ankle zippers.

At first I was hesitant. I hadn’t seen them worn yet, but 75% of me liked them off the bat. When I checked out however, I swore to my sales girl that I’d never wear them with the zippers open (ok, rarely). She promised me I’d change my mind. I have to admit, leaping back to the land of the ankle zipper felt strange at best, somewhat Madonna–but not in the Louis Vuitton way if you know what I mean. The last time I’d worn a pair personally was circa 1988– my hair in a very chic side pony.

As fashion changes, (and, yes, circles around), I am usually receptive. But, I’ve never been much into the 80’s trend although some people will disagree with me–saying that ankle zippers are not ’80’s at all–Cynthia Steffe was doing it in 2002 on black waxy high waisters after all! Yet, while Vogue was shooting brightly colored exposes a few years back, lycra and mis-shapen cardigans for all to see, I was kind of rolling my eyes all the way, praying for the cool, casual, collectivity of the ’90’s to return once again.

However, after wearing my J Brand The Deal jeans for the past 60 days (non-stop I must add) and drawing upon inspiration from all eras of style, I’m going to fold: I’m definitely hooked.

To me, the jeans go with everything. They make me feel fashion forward, yet not too trendy everytime…not to mention thin. What more could a girl ask for? I wear them with short booties for that Blondie edge, a preppy Ralph Lauren button downs with flats…even a grungy Tee, cute heels and long, layered necklaces look amazing with my J Brand’s. And the girl who sold them to me was spot on: I don’t just wear the zippers closed. I love them in every combination of partially open and all the way up too.

Are you loving Ankle Zipper denim this year? If so, how are you wearing yours?

P.S. J Brand isn’t the only denim company making ankle zipper Jeans though…so if they aren’t the perfect fit for you, try these other great pairs:

Anlo Brook in Poe, Genetic Denim Recessive James Jeans, J Brand The Deal
Anlo Brook in Poe, Genetic Denim Recessive James Jeans, J Brand The Deal

Shop at Revolve Clothing, eLuxury, and Nordstrom to find these perfect pairs of Ankle Zippers jeans and many others too.

Racliffe London EC2 Perfect Blue, Rich & Skinny Vivid Cropped Jeans, Anlo Brook in Silver Polyurethane
Racliffe London EC2 Perfect Blue, Rich & Skinny Vivid Cropped Jeans, Anlo Brook in Silver Polyurethane


  1. Love the zippers trend on everything! They’re such an easy way to change up any outfit. I too was skeptical about the whole 80s comeback, but now I’m digging it. Guess we are late bloomers on the fashion wagon 😉

  2. I did the zips thing last year with a pair of Tsubis but i was never really that taken with it, i havent bought any since i guess zips just annoy me especially in cold weather they make your ankles really cold.

  3. OMG exactly what Lorna said! I have the same problem with any tall boots that I wear pants over. The zipper is really really uncomfortable against my skin. 🙁 I’ve owned sweatpants with the zips too, and the same thing… it’s really irritating to wear!

  4. I think the zipper trend is a sexy twist on denim. However, I can see the problem in the cold. In the summer though I bet the jeans look fabulous. I especially like the new J Brand skinny jeans with zippers. If you can pull it off, they are a great pair of jeans!

  5. I don’t think zippers would be too comfortable in -30 degrees celcius weather. I do like the look of them on the skinny crops!!

  6. Minny b I wanna go shopping now. I’ve been coveting a pair of those deal jeans. I love how you mentioned wearing them open cause that’s exactly how I want to wear them! Great piece.