Celebs in Denim: Zac Efron wears Nudie jeans

Zac Efron looking dreamy in a pair of Nudie jeans to one of the latest High School Musical premieres which he attended with Vanessa Hudgens. He seems to be a fan of the brand. We’ve spotted him wearing them previously.

images via justjared


  1. His nudies are coming a long nicely 🙂 I often think he has more jeans than some of us HFers lol its a wonder he hasnt found the forum yet hed soon be broke lol well maybe. I did prefer Vanessa without her fringe/bangs though, i think its a little heavy for her pretty face but i love them both 😀 They are the sweetest couple.

  2. I assume so, ive seen many pictures of him in them, he seems to be wearing them a lot and they are creasing nicely.

  3. lol, Vanessa’s hand is in the “Pocket” 🙂 … & i wish she didnt change her hair 🙁 & is it Just me…or does he look high in the second pic? lol