Who wants a FREE pair of Rock & Republic Jeans?

UPDATE: We have given out the jeans, but keep posted to more contests and check out our designer jeans sales.

I’m guessing that’s a yes! HonestForum is hosting a competition for a lucky member to win a completely free pair of Rock & Republic jeans. Yep that’s right absolutely free! Denim_addict is hosting the competition in the Rock & Republic section of HonestForum. All you need to do is answer the questions correctly and private message (in the forum) your answers to denim_addict. The winner will receive a free pair of Rock & Republic jeans from the upcoming LA Rock & Republic sample sale courtesy of HonestForum and our fearless leader, Dave. And a major thank you to denim_addict for creating this fantastic competition! Two runners up will receive R&R T Shirts funded by denim_addict herself! She’s such a sweetie!

All you need to do to enter is be a member of HonestForum, unfortunately moderators/administrators are not allowed to participate so that counts me out, boo! But all you lucky members are allowed to play! So start getting prepared for this fantastic competition!

Here is the thread for additional information:

Who wants a free pair of Rock and Republic Jeans?

Good luck to you all!