Sling & Stones are back! With a hot new womens line…

The fantastic company Sling & Stones have created a new line of raw denim specifically for Kiya at, the new line is just for us lucky ladies! Coming this weekend to Selfedge! They are completely re-designed raw denim, they are made from 95% pima cotton and 5% polyurethane, the cuts are designed just like the Good Society range and the gold button is round this time, not square! That should be less painful on our thumbs! Also there will be no inverted yoke on the back.

Highlighted with unique aesthetic qualities such as 24kt gold plated buttons, stylized yokes, and 24kt gold plated embroidery thread; Sling & Stones offers you true luxury, eco-premium denims. Their ambitions of being socially responsible, all Sling & Stones pocket bags and binding fabric use certified fair trade, organic, hand picked Tanguis cotton from Peru.

I’m so pleased about this new line of raw denim, Sling & Stones hot designer should definitely be proud. I love what S&S stands for, fair trade and helping those who need it, you guys are awesome!

To learn more about raw/dry denim, check out HonestForum’s Dry Denim section.

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