Celebs in Denim: Erin Wasson in Top Shop Shredded Denim

Model Erin Wasson wore these TopShop shredded jeans at the Burberry Beverly Hills store re-opening. At first glance I thought they were from the new William Rast line (since she IS Birdie in the WR videos and they look like the jeans in his recent Fashion Week show). What do you think of the totally shredded denim look?

Super shredded jeans: Hot or Not?

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Above, William Rast shredded jeans.

image via hollowood rag & style


  1. The jeans make Erin Wasson look beyond sexy, and all of you harpies who voted “not” are just jealous that there’s someone out there who can wear those jeans without having all of their thigh fat gush out of the holes.