Donate $100 to a great cause and get a pair of Siwy jeans!

Tell you what, if you donate any amount and then post to the comments, we will donate the $100 and pass on a pair of jeans to one lucky reader.

This is awesome. Michelle of Siwy denim is doing something wonderful for her friend, Vanessa, has been diagnosed with colon cancer.

In May of 2008, my dear and close friend, Vanessa was diagnosed with colon cancer at the age of 31. It just didn’t make sense that such a young, vibrant woman in her prime would be facing the biggest challenge of her life, seemingly out of the blue.

She has been going through chemotherapy since June. We know that with proper diet, exercise, rest, care and treatment she will overcome this. With this unexpected diagnosis, come treatments, alternative therapies, special diets and holistic approaches to healing that are extremely costly.

We at Siwy Denim ask your gifts to assist in supporting her battle. It will relieve an enormous amount of stress on her family and self, so she can simply focus on getting healthy!”.

I myself was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer at the age of 23. One never thinks it can happen to them, and the last thing you need to worry about is money. After chemo and radiation, here I am years later, healthy and cancer-free. Keep your chin up Vanessa, you can do it too.

Click here to make a donation in any amount to the cause, and if you donate $100, you will also get to choose a free pair of Siwy jeans. I hope our readers will get involved in this great cause – even if you cannot donate the $100 to get the jeans, any amount will help.


  1. Holy cow, cancer at 23?? Glad to hear you made it through. I’ve lost two friends at a young age to cancer (leukemia and breast cancer).

  2. Can Canadians participate in this charity and jean giveaway? I’ve always wanted to try a pair of Siwy’s and my grandpa died from a combination of bowel-pancreatic-colon cancer and it has a meaning in my heart.

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