Celebs in Denim: Paris Hilton in Paris Hilton for Dollhouse

P.Hils (cause she’s gangsta yo!) graced the November 2008 Nylon magazine cover wearing the Paris Hilton for President shirt along with Paris Hilton for Dollhouse leopard print skinny ankle zipper jeans. Well who ever did the airbrushing did a great job. I kind of think Hilti (she’s from Beverly Hills, y’all) looks hot here. Yes I realize these are not premium denim and they are hitting clearance racks everywhere… but, nevertheless, I had to do it.

Would you wear Paris' Dollhouse Jeans if they were the last pair on earth?

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  1. I’d go naked,infront of the guy I like instead of wearing anything Paris hilton has trown her name on.

    end of story.