Celebs in Denim: PCD’s Nicole Scherzinger in Pierce Jeans

Lewis Hamilton celebrated becoming Formula One world champion by partying with his pop star girlfriend, Nicole Scherzinger, lead singer of The Pussycat Dolls. I haven’t been real hip to the thought of myself wearing super high-waisted 70’s style jeans. But if they can make my derriere look that fundamental… I’m in! Nicole is wearing Pierce Jeans in Bleu High Waist Trouser.

Nicoles hips have some amazing shape in these jeans!

images via socialitelife.com


  1. The front looks ok, but the back looks horrible. Her ass looks huge and I hate the look of the bunched waistband – so soccer mom. They make a cute couple though.

  2. Her ass doesn’t look ”huge” at all, just healthy. Many of us do not like unnatural, skinny asses…