Celebs in Denim: Miley Cyrus in Anlo jeans

Miley Cyrus rocked out in Germany while performing at the Goya club in a pair of Anlo Willa Straight leg jeans.

Dad, Billy Ray Cyrus is trying to make sure Miley stays on the straight and narrow. Great job, Dad, she’s dating an underwear model who is 20 years old while she’s only 16! He apparently told her in no uncertain terms that if she ever screwed up and could no longer be a role model for young girls, her career would be over.

โ€œI think I made an impression on her; at least I hope so. I donโ€™t want to forbid her from dating because that would just make her sneak around. Miley is a really good kid, but she has to watch her step as far as boys are concerned,โ€ he added.

His strict parenting is obviously working, as Miley grinds a mic stand like its a stripper pole… If I had a child, I’m not sure I’d want her seeing that in concert! A little too sexy, Miley.

Story & images via Celebrity-Gossip.net


  1. I agree on him not being to strict because it does make kids rebel against their parents and sneak around and that causes more trouble because the parents dont know whats happening, if they allow it they can keep an eye on it. I dont agree with her stripper like dancing though shes way to young for that.

  2. speaking as someone whose parents DID control what i wore/who my friends were/my social life, etc., i wouldn’t worry too much about Miley. Billy Ray is doing the right thing by letting her make her own decisions while still letting her know that he’s the Dad. As for the stripper pole dancing, it could just be something her publicist/choreographer cooked up, but most teens just need to vent their sexual feelings somehow. nobody’s making a ruckus over what most Middle School boys do in the comfort of their own bathrooms with Dad’s old Playboy…