Celebs in Denim: Britney Spears in True Religion

Brit Brit goes to Germany via LAX. The Paps squish her. Daddy Spears known is for his distaste for the Paps, blocks the shot. Not muzzle Britney. Give it a rest blog gossip mongers. She is clearly holding on to his arm, NOT pushing it away like she would be if he were muzzling her. Poor Britney Spears, clearly terrified of the paparazzi crush. Yes, I feel bad that she’s dealing with this new brand of retired gang member paparazzi.

If they didn’t crush and took long distance photos their shots would be better anyway. We would be able to clearly see all of Brit’s True Religion jeans. By the way, (and back on topic), those True Religion Stealth Stella jeans look really nice on the little pop tart. But what’s with the boot things? They are kind of crazy looking.

images via celebslam.com