Sarah Palin ditches designer clothes for denim

After her team spent over $150,000 on Valentino suits for Ms. Palin, the public outcry about the Republican party’s spending has caused Sarah Palin to scale back to secondhand denim and homemade earrings, to show that she’s still a frugal hockey mom. These photos are of Palin campaigning on Monday.

I think the stark difference from Valentino to secondhand seems a bit drastic, while I appreciate her attempt to seem “real”. Besides, everyday frugal people wear designer clothing too – we just buy it on sale! 🙂 Anyway, whichever candidate you like best – please get out and VOTE on Election Day!



  1. ^^^True! If people knew what I’ve spent on jeans in the past! Whew! I don’t even think it was Palin that bought the wardrobe – it was her “image” people I’m sure.

  2. its hard. damned if you do, damned if you don’t. if she dresses sloppy she will get scrutiny. and if she spends too much money (like i agree that “her people” did) then she gets scrutiny for that as well

  3. Well I am researching the Boyfriend Jeans and the whole Boyfriend Trend. Its a hot look so she’ll probably get accused of trying to look like a celebrity now. Honestly she iis attacked for the dumbest stuff. I didn’t hear much outcry about the cost of Obama’s suits.

    It was brilliant to attack the clothes because gee whiz, heaven help us if we actually vote based on issues rather than popularity. Hopefully the younger generation coming up will get it right.

  4. Can’t understand why so many people are making such a ruckus over Sarah Palin. She is just a fantastic force and our country should be happy she is is part of the dialog.