Poverty is real

UPDATE: We used Kiva to find a group of people in the Dominican Republic who are starting a clothing store. Hopefully our loan will help them out.

So its Blog Action Day today. Basically a day to focus the web on important issues. I just wanted to drop a quick post as a reminder that poverty is a very real thing. If you make more than $40k a year you are wealthier than 95% of the world!

So today when you enjoy your multiple room house, with air conditioning, and you get in your car to drive eat with friends at a restaurant, there are people who don’t have any of those things. Who live in a one room house, without air condition, without a car, and without the ability to buy food at a restaurant.

So for today, DenimBlog will take the small steps to fight poverty by

– giving $100 towards our non-profit EffectiveProjects.org (we are saving up money to dig wells in Haiti)
– invest $100 towards the poor with Kiva.org (a great way to foster businesses and get people out of poverty)

We would love your help as well. Please click chip in to quickly send a donation by PayPal to help us dig wells in the third world.