Levi’s presents Unbutton Your Beast


Check out the new Levi’s viral campaign to “Unbutton Your Beast” website to create, customize, and send your beast to friends and family. Whether it’s Sock Nasty, Paul the Pincher, or Saucy Sal, choose the beast that best reflects your unbuttoned self. Then select the pre-made message or instantly record your own via phone. Once you’re done, get ready to share your beast and shock your friends.

Ummm…yeah…check it out. Maybe its just not my “personality”, as a chick, to want to share this with my friends…but hey, if you are proud of your beast, go show it off!

The limited Levis 501 Live Unbuttoned Collection is now in stock, featuring three new washes. Check them out at HouseRocker.com.