Katie Holmes shopping her denim line prototypes to Neiman Marcus


We’ve seen Katie Holmes’ good denim days in her J Brand jeans, we’ve seen her bad days in Tom’s Prps jeans, and now Katie’s gonna get ugly. Now it makes sense, Katie being seen nearly daily in designer denim. Katie is trying to launch her own denim line, inspired by best pal, Victoria Beckham. Because Posh’s line, dVb has done so well…NOT. Let’s hope Katie does not employ foreign sweatshop workers and makes her jeans out of higher quality materials than dVb. According to this article, Katie has designed four prototypes and hopes to debut her collection at Neiman Marcus.

Do you have higher hopes for Katie’s line than Victoria Beckham’s?

Image via PopCrunch.com


  1. Good lord, the only thing worst than celebs imitating designers, is Katie Holmes imitating Posh. This girl needs a personality stat!

    Btw dVb is popular… in Thai knock-off night markets.

  2. I love JBrand, especially since they don’t scream a certain brand name with crazy back pockets, but still great quality denim. They are also very flattering. But even if Katie’s line is similar in any way to JBrand I probably wouldn’t get them because I don’t like to support actors/actresses I don’t care for.

  3. i doubt she has the ability to sell jeans. i mean she’s not fashion icon like Kate Moss or Ashley Olsen. look at how Superfine jeans sell. when Kate Moss wore Supefine liberty grey skinny jeans in 2005, the items were sold out immediately. Sienna Miller and Ashley Olsen both have those jeans. i went to Harrods, Harvey Nichols, Liberty department stores to buy a pair of Superfine liberty jeans as seen on Kate Moss at the end of 2005 but they were all sold out!! even the Superfine designers tks Kate Moss for putting their jeans on the map.

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