Katie Holmes and Suri in Denim, and matching Hermes bags.


Does anyone else just want to puke? Poor little Suri, hating the flashes of the paparazzi’s cameras, while going out shopping with mommy. Boy does that kid have it rough. I love kids, but for some reason I can’t stand this spoiled little one…look at the expression below. It almost says “I’m Suri Cruise, and I can have anything I want!” Maybe I’m just jealous…of a 2 year old…wow.


Here’s Katie Holmes and Suri with their matching Hermes bags. Two days in a row, Katie was spotted out with Suri in her J Brand The Deal zipper jeans.

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Photos via JustJared.com


  1. i think she is fine, you are just jealous. she is just 2 year old. even if she is spoiled but that’s not her fault. her parents chose to spoil her.

  2. I don’t think it is fair to criticize a 2 year old girl because of her parents lifestyle. I actually feel sorry for Suri because she is such a beautiful girl, but you never see her playing with other kids and her love is being bought with material possessions.