Kasil Jeans Private Sale @ Regent’s Secret!


Regent’s Secret
has a private sale on Kasil jeans starting Thursday, October 9th in the wee hours of the morning! Check it out! Every since I saw Vanessa Minnillo rocking her Kasil skinny jeans, I’ve been wanting to try a pair of these. Need an invite code for Regent’s Secret? Simply click here and you’ll be able to join instantly as a reader of DenimBlog!

About Kasil Denim: Coming out of a professional background in tailoring and an education in Fine Arts, designer David Lim has mastered the formula for the ultimate jean. With each new fit, Lim undergoes more than 20 rounds of trial-and-error in order to find the best combination of measurements, cut and color. “It starts with the pattern – taking as little as quarter of an inch to an eighth of an inch off the waist just to get the right fit,” said David Lim, Kasil’s designer. Each style is initially cut for an average size person, paying extra attention to fit, comfort and detailing of the jean to create the perfect fit for all body types.

Check out some of the styles that will be available at the Kasil sale! Can’t wait!



  1. Thanks for the invite. These jeans look really cute. I’m a member of another sample sale site called hautelook.com that has really great deals. I’d offer an invite, but you don’t need one to join. Anyone can just sign up.