Fashion Week: Diesel Kid’s Spring 2009 Collection


How flippin’ cute are these kids?! Check out some of the Spring 2009 Diesel kids collection at Toronto’s Fashion Week. Awww. For those that have kids, do you dress them in Diesel jeans?

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  1. Cute kids…but wouldn’t buy them Diesel stuff unless I was super rich or if it was seriously on sale. They grow out of it too quickly.

  2. They are a lot cheaper for kids, the juniors jeans range from ┬ú50-90 where as adults are like ┬ú80-200 lol 🙂 Ive often wondered if i could fit into some 16 years jeans, they have a matic 71J for kids an they never did it for women! Urghhhhh.

  3. Haha those kids are freakin’ adorable if/when I have young ones, I may have to get some diesel fits for ’em.

  4. They don’t actually expect us kids to actually wear THOSE jeans,now do they?

    I own one Diesel kids pair.
    the rest are the smallest of the smallest diesels..:|

  5. when i see these site i dream that some days i see my two sons cause i only buy clothes from your stores even if i feel pleased when they are out of it!!!!!!! keep it upppppppp maltese

  6. ðúð▓ð░ðÂð░ðÁð╝Ðïð╣ ð░ð▓Ðéð¥ÐÇ, ð░ ð▓Ðï Ðüð╗ÐâÐçð░ð╣ð¢ð¥ ð¢ðÁ ð©ðÀ ð£ð¥Ðüð║ð▓Ðï?