Celebs in Denim: Victoria Beckham launches dVb in Spain


Apparently since dVb didn’t live up to expectations here in the States, Victoria Beckham is promoting the brand in every other country! Recently she was in Germany promoting the line, now she’s just been to Spain. Posh is wearing a pair of dVb skinny zipper jeans and a pair of 6 inch Marc Jacobs heels, which are totally hot.


Images via Celebutopia.net and WireImage.com


  1. She looks like an alien. I used to think she wasn’t so bad looking, but she is just getting worse.

  2. I actually agree with you i think shes pushing the boundaries a little to far now and she looks even thinner than before, im sure shes lovely though.

  3. Man she is skinny, but gotta admit the girl’s got style. She never looks bad. Those shoes are something else though! They look like toothpicks haha.