Celebs in Denim: Rachel Bilson & Mischa Barton in Bad Denim

The phrase that comes to mind is “Uh-Uh! No. She. Didn’t”. Yes, I’m afraid, yes she did.

Check out Rachel Bilson and Mischa Barton in particularly bad denim looks this week.

Luckily, Rachel Bilson is going to a Halloween Party.

Unfortunately for Mischa Barton…the same can’t be said. Mischa wore that waste of denim (probably pricey and vintage) to the Sunset Theaters in Hollywood.

Hilariously-err, I mean, recently, Mischa said to London’s ‘Sun’:

Posh doesn’t strike me as particularly stylish.”

“I don’t think she’s a good example of British style at all.”

Mischa somehow got the impression that people like how she dresses.

Who is more stylish?

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  1. They both have difference styles, Rachel Bilson seems like she’s always going for the LA stylista look while from that pic Mischa looks like your every night NYC hipster.

  2. A few observations.

    1) Mischa Barton looks fantastic, gorgeous, and completely perfect.

    2) Based on the poll results, I have COMPLETELY underestimated the stupidity of your housewife demographic.

  3. ^^^
    Someone who supports George W Bush and believes Barrack Obama is Muslin is in no position to call anybody stupid.

  4. I do not believe that Barack (note the spelling) Obama is made of fabric, but such a disposition would really behoove me should someone try to light him on fire or something.

    In conclusion, I am completely in position to deride the intelligence of intellectual peons such as Foxmulder.

  5. I agree, Mischa looks cute, even if her outfit is not one I’d wear personally. I think its just the skirt I’m not a fan of.

    And because people like Posh’s style better (it is more wearable for most women I think) does not mean they are all housewives. Lol. And although I am someone’s wife, if that means I dress or look like Posh, I could live with that. 😉 So Sevenkid, you want to blog huh?

  6. I hate the belt that is not through belt loops. It’s not that kind of skirt nor is it a belt that should sit above the belly button. HATE THAT.

    I hate the skirt. It reminds me of pictures I’ve seen of MY (now 52 y.o.) oh-so-trendy mom-dukes*sarcasm* before I was born. It’s a big ol’ no-no.

    But her face is out of the ball park!!! Gorgeous face. I think she is one of the prettiest faces I saw on the OC. Hotter than R. Bils.

    BTW, I’m a house wife, I do think Posh Rocks, & I love robots. But I don’t like her dVb jeans.

    There are many more occasions upon which Mischa’s style stinks may-jah. Not just this one.

    Seven Kid bring the pain, you delicate little petal. WRITE SOMETHING.
    You keep me laughing non-stop.