Celebs in Denim: Miley Cyrus in white True Religion jeans


Singer/actress Miley Cyrus performed recently at BBC Switch Live while wearing a pair of white True Religion jeans. What other 16-year old do you know that has the wardrobe this kid has? It’s enough to make girls of all ages jealous!




  1. I’m 12,and I got just as many premium jeans as Miley =)
    but I don’t get them for free,like miley.

    and I think Diesels are better then Joeys,..=)

  2. you people are idiotic. if you want to properly chat about names and such, go on another website.
    This certain comment’s forum is to talk about only 1 topic.

  3. iam lindsey and iam 15 years old i have beeen having designer jeans sence i was 5 years old ! so ummm dont say that k thanks 🙂