Celebs in Denim: Heidi Montag in William Rast jeans


I cannot stand Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt and their contrived “candid” poses for the paparazzi. Not only that, they are totally swapping spit everywhere they go! Yuck! How horrified I’d be if I was a mom or dad taking my kids to get a pumpkin and ran into these two using the pumpkins as a mattress. Grow up, and geeez, get a room!

Anyway, the only thing remotely interesting about this hussie, er, Heidi…is her jeans which are William Rast.




  1. LOL Your write up was just too funny! I guess its nice to have love but not to this extent, i think the only thing good about her is she has nice hair.

  2. I believe that all of the above posters would simply kill for the opportunity to be hated by millions of Americans every week for being fantastic, cool and attractive.