Celebs in Denim: Britney and Lynn Spears in True Religion Jeans


Brit and her mom, Lynn, were spotted getting manicures and pedicures at a Hollywood salon. Both were wearing True Religion jeans. Britney has been seen wearing this pair all over town this past week, from her latest car troubles… getting ice cream… then picking up her kids from school. She seems to find a pair of jeans she loves and then wear the hell out of them for weeks until she finds a new pair.


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  1. I dont think shes ever gonna be as good as she was no matter how hard she tries, and shes always taking her clothes off for her videos i lose a lot of respect for those that get naked to sell music 🙁 Also i think she shouldnt computerize her songs as much as she does. Im glad she is better though i dont wish break downs upon anybody.