Celebs in Denim: A-Listers Love Lofli jeans!

The first celebrity that I saw in Lofli jeans was Jennifer Aniston. I knew then that I had to have a pair of Lofli jeans – if they make my butt look half as good as Jennifers, I am in!

Since then, we hadn’t seen much of Lofli jeans. Well, new data has arrived and I’m thinking these are next on the hit list! We all know A-List celebrities only wear premium denim.

Here’s the evidence. What do you think?

Angelina Jolie

Sienna Miller

Jessica Alba

Ellen Pompeo

I think we have our answer! They look hot!

Images via Lofli Jeans.


  1. Wow! Jen looks so good in the Lolfi’s, her body is curvy cute all over. Can’t say that about Angelina. :o)

  2. actually angelina looks better in those jeans!! aniston’s legs look short and fat

  3. Angelina’s legs look long and lean. Jennifer’s legs do look short and fat. Don’t get me started on her face…