Victoria’s Secret Does New Denim…no more mom jeans!


Hipster Bootcut jean, above.

Who else got the new Victoria’s Secret catalog today? Normally, I skip right over the Victoria’s Secret denim pages. Their London jeans make me think of two words…”Mom jeans”.

But today, while flipping through my new catalog in the tub, I noticed something. They have changed the jeans. Did Victoria’s Secret finally figure out how to make jeans that fit as well as their bras?! They actually look pretty nice! And the prices have gone up too on these new, more premium looking jeans, ranging from $49.50 to $98. Will you, or have you tried any of these new London jeans?


Midrise Sailor Jean, above.

Low Rise Dream Jean, above.

Ultra VS Uplift Seventies Jean, above.

Flap Pocket Wide Leg jean, above.

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