Kim Kardashian wears a size 27 jeans!

In an effort to dispell the haters who say Kim Kardashian is fat or that her butt is too big to fit in to size 27 jeans, she created a home video to show that she does wear a size 27 in J Brand and Anlo, and a size 26 in Habituals. I have to laugh that she is obviously so insecure that she really cares what size people think she wears. She even talks about breaking out a scale in the video. Kim, seriously?!?!


  1. I think she is a size 27…..once she buys her size 30 jeans and then has the waist taken in a few sizes. Then she considers this size 27 jeans.

  2. Yeah, and jskidder can squeeze his gigantic thighs into size 27 jeans as well, but that neither means that is their true size or a size that they should be wearing under any condition.

  3. What a silly vid. Got bored after the first pair and stopped watching. Funny–I wear size 26 in Habitual;it’s form fitting on me and i’m full in the backside, but my bootie is nearly not as rotund as hers! i don’t believe she wears a 26!

  4. Regardless what size she wears, I could watch videos like this of her all day long. And all night. Long. All night.

  5. 5′ 2.5″, 165 lbs. and a size 28?
    Can you make a video too?

    BTW— I thought that Kim K. looked horrible in her jeans. Not flattering at all for her to squish all that in.

  6. I am anywhere from 28 to 30, depending on the brand and how loose I want them. 30s usually require a belt but they’re comfy.

    I’m 5’6″ and 155lbs. I’ve been 200lbs and I’ve been 130lbs, but I’m happy where I am at now. The point is to look *good* in your clothes, not to squeeze into the smallest size possible and look ridiculous with a minimized bottom half and a muffin top coming out.

    I want them to make plus sized premium denim. I work in a clothing store and the plus sizes are often ugly. If the right shaping can make my boyish figure look curvy, they can make full-figured women look sexy. Why is that market so empty? There are plenty of women over size 32!

  7. i have nearly the same measurements as kim apart from the fact my hips r couple inches smaller than hers…I wear a uk 10 which i think is a size 8 us size. So hw the hell can she be a size 2….Im petite as well and 5 ft3… Someones chattin bull… I do like herrr and watch her show but she is not a size 2.

  8. It is very hard to believe, I have those same jeans and they fit me and I don’t have a butt at all. I don’t struggle that hard to get in them though. Hers must have a lot of stretch- they kind of looked stretched out. Also, they probably were altered. Habituals seem to run small.

  9. lol, can you imagine her getting into bed with a guy and him saying “sorry babe, your butt’s just too big for me.. unless you can fit into 27s I’m not interested”.

    It ain’t gonna happen. I think that deep down girls know that curves are sexy. She has a delicious booty and she knows it. It’s just that sometimes the competitiveness between women freaks me out.


  11. Who would think she’s fat? Her stomach is totally flat. She’s curvy. Big deal.
    But c’mon. We all know she has a round bottom and a small waist. She probably buys a bigger size, then gets the waist taken in.

    She’s still gorgeous, regardless of what size she wears.

  12. That is soo funny because i am 5’6 i weight 155-160lbs and my measurements are 36D-27-42 and i wear a 27/28…i have a lot of muscle mass but shaped the same way kim is…people dont believe me either…I wear Joe’s in the Honey fit and i wear citizens…they fit me well because i dont have to get the waist altered and taken in…Everybody is different sizes and porportioned different…i think people need to stop hating so much on that girl…i have friends that are short with big butts and wear a size 4! and its because they are petite…if she wears a size 27..let her wear a size 27…no clothing company is true to size when you think of women with curves anyway…



  14. I’m 5’3, 112 lbs and I wear a size 26 in J Brand jeans. Me and Kim are no where NEAR the same size!

  15. I’m built with the exact same build as Kim and same measurements, and I wear a 28 or 29, but I don’t like being uncomfortable. It may be that she does wear a 27. And who cares either way? Lol. She’s a pretty girl. Don’t hate on her. And don’t hate on girls with curves, because I have a big ass myself, and I look great, and I work out like crazy. I’m so sick of people givin her a hard time. Ok, so she’s not kate moss. Just because we aren’t pancake ass little girls doesn’t mean we should be criticized. Just remember, Kim was in Playboy. How many of YOU can say the same for yourselves? Exactly.

  16. NO WAY!

    omg, those jeans are huge and they are no way nere a true 27 size. I don’t know, if american sizes are HUGE because I’m 55kg and 5″6 and I wear 28 size.

  17. hey all. ok so i really want these jeans from ‘blank nyc’ is the brand and all the sizes are like a foreign language to me, lol. i shop at places like pac sun & abercrombie & american eagle where the sizes are like 00, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.. etc.. ya know? and then the sizes on that sight are like 26,27,28… and i’m so confused can anyone like convert them for me or something?? lol would be mucho appreciated!