HonestForum & HonestMall are getting a new server!


So Hurricane Ike knocked our sister sites, HonestForum and HonestMall, offline yesterday so we took the downtime opportunity to switch to a new, faster server with a faster processor which will be hosted in Atlanta going forward instead of Texas. The new server will be able to process all the image resizing and activity within HonestMall as well. Stay posted for further updates and thanks for your patience!


  1. This explains a lot! I wish we all got an email.. or do I just not remember which email I signed up with? Haha 🙂

  2. Hello!

    Jeesh, this has been horrible. We are trying to move our site to Atlanta and it is taking much longer than expected. We have been working on this for three days straight from morning till late late at night.

    So very sorry for the downtime. This is super super frustrating to all of you I am sure.

    The good news is once the smog clears, we will have a nice fast, free mall and forum. Plus we will have around the clock 24/7 monitoring by a team of 40 techs.

    Again, thank you for all your patience with us!

    Have a good day, talk soon.

    -a weary, but hopeful Dave

  3. Do we have an ETA Dave? I had no idea how much I missed it until it’s not there!! Thanks for working so hard!

  4. Hi Guys
    In order to send a mass email, we need to have access to the admin cp, which we couldn’t get to due to the site being down.